Elken business plan malaysia pargo

Therefore, Elken should implement a better marketing strategy in order to lower the prices of the products without decreasing its quality. They provide services not only installs and repairs R. Elken current business strategy is attracting more people to join its company by offering various rewards and incentives.

In the event of Cross-Sponsoring, the following actions shall be taken: Where 2 Distributors are married to each other, in which case Clause 11c shall prevail. Please make sure you login at the correct elken. Divorce Whenever a distributorship is separated as a result of divorce, the separation must be accomplished in such a way that it does not adversely affect the interests of other distributorships in the same line of sponsorship.

A legally married couple is only allowed to apply for one distributorship. For instance, the distributor will get a car if they can reach to become a manager within a specific period of time. Posted on Apr 16, Sharing is caring: Besides that, Elken can also motivate them by offering them commissions if they successfully deliver services and installation to more than six customers a day.

This centre had train a team of dedicated personnel who had have gone through a special training programmed, namely the K-Tech program.

It shall be stated that sales commission are generated through diligent and committed efforts and Distributors are not allowed to make exaggerated income claim.

Upon receiving their monthly Bonus Statements, Distributors should check to ensure the figures are accurate. In the event of violation, the following procedure shall be observed: However, the original downline structure of the terminated Distributor shall remain unchanged, i.

The only thing you need is to find a reputable company, one that you trust, that offers a product or service you believe in and can get passionate about. Never login via suspicious links from emails that are not sent by Elken Sdn Bhd. A Distributor may own or have an ownership interest in only one distributorship except as provided below: Application for the change of sponsor or any change in placement or change of the entire personal group is not permitted.

Such other wives of his wishing to be Distributors must be sponsored under the direct joint distributorship. If the reputation of the Company is damaged for this reason, Distributors concerned will be held responsible for all costs or damages arising from such action.

The latest updates are just one click away. In addition, Elken also open its stockists at every area in the countries to allow the customers to obtain its products easily. The Elken Business Plan Besides getting front end retail profits, a distributor could earn upwards to 71% in commissions.

On top of that, there are various more bonuses in the Elken compensation plan like the Manager's Bonus, Leadership Bonus, car, house and travel funds, to say the least. Analysis of the Business/IS/IT Strategies.

Company Background - Elken Essay

Since Elken is a direct-selling company, its value customers are the distributors who help to spread its business and products to other people. Elken current business strategy is attracting more people to join its company by offering various rewards and incentives.

The Elken opportunity secures your financial future, gives you freedom of time and builds you to achieve your best potential in life. To serve its customers nationwide, Elken is present in 7 main branches located in Penang, Seberang Jaya, Ipoh in the north, Ipoh, Kuantan in the central, while East Malaysia customers can benefit through the Kuching and Kota Kinbalu branches respectively.


Elken Malaysia

The following Elken Distributors’ Rules & Regulations are implemented with the purpose of safeguarding the rights and regulating the obligations of its Distributors rather than restraining their independent business activities.

Elken’s success lies on its distinctive holistic health and beauty concept. The unique Elken Molecular Reform Therapy (MRT) emphasizes on 4 critical life elements to achieve optimal health: balanced nutrition ; sufficient oxygen intake ; detoxification and health regulation ; while the Elken Total Beauty Concept focuses on bringing out the best of one’s own beauty from the top to toe, inside out.

Elken business plan malaysia pargo
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